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Auditors and managers of the International Auditing Company GROUP OF COMPANIES Russell Bedford LLP:

The management and the majority of specialists of our company have a solid experience of auditing of large organizations in various sectors of the economy and have a deep knowledge of accounting, tax, currency and civil legislation.

Sholpanai Kudaibergenova

General Director

Partners and Leading Experts

Gulshat Nazarymbetova

Deputy General Director, Audit Partner, Auditor (Дип – IFA)

Yerlan Arnabekov

Audit Partner, Auditor

Irina Stavitskaya

Partner in IFRS, Auditor, CPA

Auelbekov Nurbai

Legal Partner

Yelena Teslenko

Auditor, CPA

Bakyt Zhumadylov

Partner in IFRS, ACCA

Dr. Margarita Bassabikova

Partner in International Relations, Auditor, PhD

Anel Kalykova

Audit Partner, Auditor, CPA

Askar Iskakov

Partner in Tax Audit

Audit Department

Nurkhan Galymzhanov

Lead Audit Manager

Temirlan Mashkenov

Lead Audit Manager

Aigerim Zhumagaliyeva

Audit Assistant 1 year

Ainura Abekova

Audit Assistant 1 year

Tax Audit Department

Yerlan Khudaibergen

Head of Tax Audit Department

Kulbala Isaliyeva

Senior Tax Manager 1 year

Anar Boranbay

Tax Manager 2 year
Sales Department

Naziya Karimova

Commercial Director
Outsourcing Department

Nurbala Ospanova

Lead Outsourcing Manager
Administrative Department

Aida Zhidebai

Manager in HR-related Matters

Department of evaluation

Raisa Rakhmetova

Deputy Director General for Evaluation

Darkhan Nurgozhanov

Head of the appraisal department

Yevgeniya Dubinets

Administrative Manager of Appraisal Department

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