The financial



  • Internal audit
  • Tax planning, calculation of compulsory payments to the budget, drawing up of the annual tax return
  • Advisory services for the maintenance of accounting and preparation of financial reports and on taxation issues
  • Restoration and support of accounting, preparation of financial statements
  • Due diligence
  • valuation of any movable and immovable property
  • securities valuation
  • assessment of subsoil use rights
  • business valuation
  • business process assessment
  • assessment of current and potential business value
  • Fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to achieve sharp, spasmodic improvements in the company’s main current performance indicators, such as cost, quality, service and pace. Objects of intellectual property.
  • refinancing
  • analysis of financial and economic activities
  • development of a business plan for an investment project, feasibility study;
  • the development of a financial and economic plan for an investment project;
  • Assessment of the financial and economic model and investment efficiency.
  • development of a marketing plan to enter the market and increase sales;
  • assessment of the market outlook and marketing risks of the project;
  • financial analysis of the company (analysis of the b – balance, analysis of liquidity, asset turnover, profitability and other indicators);
  • budgeting (budget development, analysis of deviations of articles, plan-fact analysis).
  • civil law (consultations and legal opinions, including the development of legal schemes, structuring transactions, analysis and drafting of legal documents);
  • labor law (personnel audit, consultations, setting of personnel workflow);
  • participation in courts (collection of debts, damages, appeals against actions of state bodies,
  • Real estate (support of real estate transactions, state registration of rights to real estate);
  • intellectual property (registration of rights and legal protection of intellectual property)
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